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Peace of Mind Heating specializes in the service, installation, and replacement of water and garage heaters in Southern Alberta. We offer 24-hour emergency service for their customers' convenience, ensuring that any heating-related issues can be resolved quickly and efficiently. Services offered may include routine maintenance, repair, and upgrade of existing systems, as well as the installation of new, energy-efficient heaters. They are able to work on various types of heaters such as electric, propane, and natural gas. With their expertise, they aim to provide their customers with reliable and efficient heating solutions, giving them peace of mind. Get in touch to see how we can help you today.


Garage heaters can be serviced by a professional HVAC technician, who can perform routine maintenance, such as cleaning and adjusting the unit, to ensure it is functioning properly. Installation typically involves selecting the appropriate type and size of heater for the space, as well as properly ventilating the area. Replacement of a garage heater may be necessary if the unit is no longer functioning properly or if a more energy-efficient model is desired. Peace of Mind Heating can assist with both the selection and installation of a replacement unit.

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Water heaters are generally considered long-term investments, however, they have a lifespan and over time, their components may wear out. Regular maintenance and professional inspection are often recommended to ensure the unit is working efficiently and to extend its lifespan. When you book this service, like all of our others, we guarantee you’ll be satisfied with the process and result.

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